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Elizabeth Clearwater


is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, a National Board Certified Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1986 and opened her coaching practice in 2004. Elizabeth has facilitated Ceremonial Song Circles and Intensives for the past 20 years.

Elizabeth approaches her work, whether coaching or counseling, as a collaborative relationship designed to assist those she works with deepen their connection with themselves, recognize their worth, identify their strengths and take the necessary steps to create happier, healthier lives filled with meaning and purpose. Read more
  About My Practice


Listen deeply for your purpose.
In order to know yourself you must stop, look and listen. Become still. Go within and look closely at what is. Ask yourself what you think, feel, know and want. Be curious. Listen for your longing and walk in that direction. Make a commitment to explore your inner world. Come to know yourself. Your inner voice is your guiding star, follow it.

Clarify your vision.
Get clear about what you value most and give your life to that. Use your mind, body, spirit and intuition to gather information, and then make a plan. Realize that your choices are holy so spend your time and energy in ways that reflect your values. Take yourself seriously; become deeply fascinated with who you are and how you show up in the world. Live your life on purpose.

Maximize your life.
Expect greatness of yourself. Invest. You’ll enjoy your life a lot more. Gather your power, light your own fire and create at a high level. Nurture your ambition; cultivate your creativity. Expand beyond what you thought possible. Read more
  Clearwater Journal


To Have a Practice

First you must decide what it is you want to Practice
What it is you wish to bring in, close to your heart
To do over and over, until it becomes your skin
Until it becomes your comfort, the known, who you are

Next you must make your way against all distraction
Against any that would divert you from your path
Against those who would discourage your desire
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