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To Have a Practice

Added on Thu Dec 01 2011

First you must decide what it is you want to Practice
What it is you wish to bring in, close to your heart
To do over and over, until it becomes your skin
Until it becomes your comfort, the known, who you are

Next you must make your way against all distraction
Against any that would divert you from your path
Against those who would discourage your desire
When you prefer instead the crisp clarity
Of the full moon in December
Shining on pure white snow in the night.

And then you must keep a close watch on your time
Knowing your temptation to open the door, to walk out,
And leave behind all that you ever promised yourself.
In steadfastness you will become your Practice
And it will become you, settle you and guide you.

Silence A sacred space A daily Practice
A journal Pen and Ink A walk 10,000 steps
Seven deep breaths Barefoot in the garden
Grace in motion Dancing on the earth
Warm water and lemon in a beautiful glass
Your own place in the World

Gratitude for all that is
Gathering Power Finding my way
Coming into my own and home to my Self
I eat when I am hungry
I eat what my body is hungry for
I stop when I have had just enough

A deep and simple Practice
Of beauty, integrity and reverence for my life

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Added: Thu Dec 01 2011
Last Modified: Thu Dec 08 2011

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