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If Memory Serves...

Added on Thu Sep 16 2010

At least once a week someone mentions to me that their memory is not what it once was. Some are concerned about this, others expect it and accept it. I have decided not to lose my memory and so far, so good.

I began to think about why my memory is still working well. Some of the things I came up with might prove helpful to you, too.

Here they are:

  • Aerobic Exercise -- I like NIA; walking is good, too
  • Stay hydrated -- get up every morning and drink two glasses of water, first thing
  • Rosemary -- add to recipes as often as possible
  • Eat organic nuts -- walnuts are especially beneficial to the brain
  • Fish Oil -- Take a high quality fish oil supplement every day
  • Keep learning -- read non-fiction once in awhile; take a class; talk to people about what they do or what they are passionate about
  • Practice doing one thing at a time -- when you are walking, just walk.... (Multi-tasking makes it hard for our memory to store information because our attention is divided).
  • Meditation brings peace to the mind
  • Sleep -- have a regular routine to ensure that you get to bed on time and sleep well
  • De-Stress -- Have some relaxing and restorative fun on a regular basis on purpose!

Try some of these and watch your memory improve!

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Added: Thu Sep 16 2010
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